Why You Need 2-Piece Sets In Your Life

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Why You Need 2-Piece Sets In Your Life - The Farmhouse

Sometimes getting up and putting on a well thought out out fit can be daunting. Well, you don't have to worry about that any longer! We have the perfect solution, and it's 2-piece sets! They're super cute and you don't have to put the effort into thinking about what top goes with what jeans and vice versa! Have a look at a few sets we picked out for you.

Set #1: Juliet Crop Top and Pant Set

Okay this floral pattern is so cute! We got it not one style, not two, but THREE styles. Yeah...you can say we're obsessed!! This set in particular is perfect because you can bring it on vacation and not worry about what you're going to wear! Just toss on this island vibe jumpsuit and kick back. 

Set #2: Winn-Dixie Ruffle Top and Pant Jumpsuit

This everyday summer jumpsuit is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. It has the cutest bow tie straps that add just the perfect touch of coquette to this set! I can just picture it now: you, a mimosa, your best friends, and the perfect brunch menu. Yeah, you def need this as your new brunch fit!

Set #3: Errand Runner Set - Ash Mocha

The last set we have for you has been in a blog before and we just have to share it again. Our Errand Runner Set is the softest, stretchiest, and most breathable set we have. It's perfect to be worn as a lounge set or out on the town with the kids. Grab yourself one of these, they run out fast! 


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