Why We Do What We Do

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Why We Do What We Do - The Farmhouse

We recently worked 83 days in a row without any days off from the shop. Now the average person might think that’s excessive or that we are crazy. While both of those thoughts might be true, the truth is, we do what we do because not only do we love our community and this business, but we have goals and dreams and a vision for the store that is so clear we can’t think of being away. 

Java and I recently heard this quote and we can’t seem to get it out of our heads. The quote is “the answers are hidden in the work that you aren’t doing”. So when we get frustrated because we didn’t hit a goal or do something we said we were going to, we remember that the answer was hidden in the work that wasn’t done.
Now we aren't condoning being workaholics, that isn’t it at all. We love a rare day off where we can just hang with the kids all day or stay in bed and binge watch Netflix. We are just saying that when you have clear and concise goals that you can visually see when you close your eyes, you should go after it. 

So at the end of the day, although we love sharing pretty home decor and the latest trendy outfits with you, the thing that keeps us going is our dream! Our dream of making this shop the best it’s ever been. The dream of having our customers walk through the door and feeling inspired. The dream of accomplishing something that has never been done in our families before. And last but not least, the dream of doing what we love and being able to do it as a family. 
We know that we put in countless hours of hard work, but we also know that we wouldn’t be anywhere without our community. We love and appreciate you all for continuing to support us while we live our dream.
XOXO, Serena and Java.
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