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Must-Have Essentials - The Farmhouse

Life can be hectic, but getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be. That's why you always need a handful of essentials in your closet to reach for when mornings seem just a little too crazy. Here are 4 of our favorite essentials.

Essential #1: The Underground Double Layered V-Neck Tank

Every closet needs a nice white tank. This tank goes beyond your standard. With its smooth, fitting material, you'll look and feel great all day. Plus, it is double lined so you get extra coverage and a built-in slimming effect! I think I see a free hanger for this one 😘

Essential #2: Free As A Bird Distressed Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are quickly becoming essentials in many women's closets. Why? Because they're super versatile. They can be a quick summer outfit, or a cozy winter fit. So, it makes them an awesome closet essential. You can throw on a cute tee and top it off with this jumpsuit, and you're set to look cute all day!

Essential #3: Westside Basic Cotton Tee

Little black dress? No, little black tee that is 100% cotton and super comfy! Our Westside Tee is your next go-to last minute outfit completer! (Is that a word?! Well, it is now!😉) Black tees are personally my favorite essential. They can be paired with some cute ripped jeans for a laid back look, or some nice trousers and a blazer for more of a formal outfit. However you choose to wear it, get this shirt in your closet ASAP.

Essential #4: Errand Runner Set

The comfiest set has just hit the streets! This stretchy top and biker short duo are the softest clothes you'll ever touch. The perfect set for running errands, lounging around your house, or a movie night at home with the girls. Hang these two together and grab them for the next time you need the comfiest essential!


Essentials are the perfect way to complete your closet rotation. You can toss them on whenever you're running late or just don't feel like putting a ton of effort into your outfit!

We hope you enjoyed finding a few new essentials. Join us every Monday and Wednesday for new blogs. 

XOXO, Serena and The Farmhouse Team.

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