Best Floral Dresses

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Best Floral Dresses - The Farmhouse

You can never have too many floral dresses! they are perfect all year round and make any outfit look adorbs. Check out a few of our faves!

Dress #1: Pick Me Midi Dress


This dress this perfect because of its simplicity and pairs well with our Laguna wedges! Throw it on for a lunch date or an evening beachside dinner date and look your best!

Dress #2: Summer Solstice Floral Dress

This dress is the epitome of summer! The bright colors and floral details make it perfect for any summer event. Toss it on for a date in the park with the kids or a nice picnic! 

Dress #3: Catalina Floral Mini Dress

Mini dresses are perfect for summer because they're flowy and allow for some breathability on those hot summer days! What makes this floral mini dress so much better is the pretty periwinkle purple the floral details lie on! Throw on our Laguna Wedges and you'll look your cutest!

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