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The Havasu Top

The Havasu Top


Introducing the "Havasu Top" – Boho Chic for Lakeside Adventures!

Elevate your beach or poolside look with the "Havasu Top," a boho-inspired crochet cover sweater that seamlessly blends style and comfort. This versatile piece is perfect for those moments when you want to add a touch of bohemian flair to your lakeside adventures.

✨ Boho Elegance: The intricate crochet detailing of the "Havasu Top" adds a bohemian touch to your ensemble, creating a stylish and laid-back look that's perfect for any lakeside setting.

🌊 Lakeside Essentials: Whether you're by the lake, pool, or beach, this cover sweater provides just the right amount of coverage while allowing you to bask in the sun and enjoy your surroundings.

🌸 Effortless Style: Achieve a relaxed yet put-together look with the "Havasu Top," designed to complement your swimsuit or outfit while providing a breezy and comfortable feel.

🏖️ Versatile Cover-Up: This boho-inspired cover sweater is not just for the water – pair it with your favorite shorts, skirts, or jeans to create a stylish bohemian look that's perfect for any casual occasion.

Add a touch of boho chic to your lakeside wardrobe with the "Havasu Top" – where style meets relaxation in perfect harmony!

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