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Bellevue Top - Beige

Bellevue Top - Beige


Introducing the "Bellevue Top" – Boho Elegance in Open Rectangle Crochet!

Elevate your boho-chic wardrobe with the "Bellevue Top," a stunning open rectangle crochet knit pullover that seamlessly blends comfort and style. This intricately designed top is a must-have for those who appreciate the beauty of delicate crochet work.

✨ Bohemian Sophistication: The "Bellevue Top" exudes a bohemian charm with its open rectangle crochet pattern, offering an intricate and sophisticated look that's perfect for free-spirited fashion enthusiasts.

🌸 Lightweight and Airy: Crafted from a breathable knit, this pullover provides a light and airy feel, making it an ideal choice for transitional seasons or layering over your favorite tank tops.

🌼 Versatile Styling: The open rectangle crochet design adds a touch of versatility to your wardrobe. Pair it with jeans, skirts, or shorts for a relaxed and boho-inspired ensemble.

🌟 Effortless Elegance: Embrace the effortless elegance of the "Bellevue Top," whether you're strolling through festivals, enjoying a beach day, or simply looking to add a touch of boho flair to your everyday style.

Step into the world of boho sophistication with the "Bellevue Top" – a crochet masterpiece that brings a unique and stylish edge to your wardrobe.

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